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Welcome to Zamaleo ACT

Welcome to Zamaleo Arts and Culture Trust, the home of African Sigana Storytelling Performance! Here timeless tradition of folklore story performance heritage is kept alive for contemporary audiences across ages, cultural backgrounds, spaces and settings.
Imaginations, real experiences, reflections and crafted journeys into possible futures are brought to life for our reflection and sheer enjoyment.

About Us

Zamaleo Arts and Culture Trust (Zamaleo ACT) is an established artistic centre of excellence since 1996... More

Sigana Storyteller

We hold hands and walk the ropes with those determined to learn and practically put to use the art of storytelling... More

Encounter with Fantasy

Children from tender age are introduced to the world of thought, discovery, understanding, imagination,... More

Zamaleo Arts and Culture Trust

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Kicoshep Centre, Lang'ata, Near Wilson Airport
Nairobi, Kenya  see map